Phase II

Costa Rica Womens Charitable Association (CRWCA)


Purchase a minimum of 80 acres of farm and woodland near the center of Jaco, Costa Rica to locate most of the businesses, reducing cost and travel expenses.

CRCWA businesses need to be rent free – the biggest expense in starting an operation, making a huge difference in any business.

Greater chances to succeed! Greater self-esteem!

Purchased land enables:

Raising of pigs, chickens, and other farm animals

Establishes shrimp and fish farms

Planted fruit trees surrounding the property gives:

Shade for animals

Prevents wind damage

Diminishes soil erosion

Stops river pollution

Protects wild native animals

Indigenous fruit trees – pitaya (dragonfruit). Guanabana, manonas, maracuya (passion fruit), carambola provide a value-added agricultural commodity.

These highly sought after health food products are in high demand in Costa Rica and worldwide. Our aim is to have the property be totally self-sufficient. With our commitment to a natural approach our mission leads us to Hydroponics Growing Opportunities, Solar Energy, and Biomass Conversion, making us 100% ECO Friendly.

One acre of diversified agricultural land feeds 1,000 people!

CRWCA wants to capitalize its land and use it to its maximum potential. We want to be ready for ever-changing markets and use a portion of land for:

CRWCA Storage

200 Unit Self-Storage Complex with a small store. The store provides a place to sell goods left by default and donated items.

CRWCA Auto Parts

CRWCA will pick up donated cars and trucks relocating them to our site. Mentors assist the women in cataloging cars and trucks and auto parts on the computer. This business venture furthers computer knowledge and through the resale of parts provides another source of income.

Being ‘debt free,’ enables CRWCA to maintain a professional educational center in the heart of Jaco, Candidates learn up-to-date job skills, computer usage and English communication skills. The educational center trains the women of CRWCA and is available for their children, who otherwise never have the opportunity to advance.

CRWCA can accomplish these initiatives by tapping into the huge, untapped retired professional population of Jaco – who would love to give back to the community and help mentor these women and their children in achieving a better life and becoming pillars of their community. Power of Purpose

If you believe that you, or your organization should partner or participate with CRWCA on any of these projects, please feel free to contact us.

Being self-sufficient and debt free allows our Costa Rica Womens Charitable Association to accomplish incredible opportunities!

We live up to our slogan.