Business Plan (4 years)

Costa Rica Women’s Charitable Association (CRWCA), under Costa Rica Law, candidates start their first 90 days as interns. This ensures selected candidates can work alongside their mentor and the women in their chosen business.  As well as learning the involved duties and responsibilities associated with the business. Basic computer skills are taught to account for basic book keeping, social media marketing, and compiling customer and participating vendor contact information. During this 90 day internship, the candidates are paid a basic salary.

After the initial 90 days, we then confirm that the candidate wants to continue in their chosen field. CRWCA then initiates full insurance from Caja of Costa Rica, paid holidays, and of course a salary. Advance training and English lessons continue to build confidence in the candidates, encouraging them to be well versed in their communication skills and being able to communicate effectively with bilingual customers.

Between 5 to 9 months after commencement there are business incentives. These incentives are given to women who demonstrate exceptional customer service or increased revenue streams. Depending on the needs of the individual, it could be a bicycle, dentistry, or something for their children.

At the end of the third year the non-profit organization should be paid back regarding all expenses from each business. This way this same model can be duplicated again.

Candidates will receive 5 percent of the business when they can pay back the nonprofit CRWCA, fluently communicate in English, correctly keep inventory books and possess the necessary computer and customer service skills relevant to their chosen business.

In the fourth year, each of the women will be completely trained to handle all aspects of the business and will get another 5 percent of the business, for a total of 10 percent. CRWCA wants the businesses to be owned by the women of Garabito. This is when the non-profit organization business becomes a profitable business.

Being self-sufficient and debt free, allows our Costa Rica Women’s Charitable Association to accomplish incredible opportunities!

We live up to our motto.