What We Do

Costa Rica Women’s Charitable Association (CRWCA) recognizes that education is a key element to success. We aspire to give essential skills necessary to be successful.

CRWCA provides complete support and a comprehensive program to Garabito women, who want to improve their lives and the lives of their families.

Our goal is to give Garabito women of Costa Rica opportunities, to improve their way of life. Candidates will put to work their newly acquired knowledge, experience, and hard work. They will become an employee of the business and receive:

  • Emotional and financial support
  • Specialized vocational training
  • Valuable networking connections
  • Essential business skills
  • Ownership in self-sustaining businesses

Once candidates have completed training, they will work toward owning a percentage of the business. We provide necessary tools to produce successful businesses:

  • Mentors
  • Educational support services
  • Business development
  • Financial backing

During the initial years of the business, candidates earn basic salaries to support themselves and their families. As the business grows, the profits are progressively shared, in order for them to buy out the association.

Every business is unique and each business has it’s own start up costs, profit margins, and return on investment. Terms of the partnership will be business specific but always geared toward the success of Garabito women. It is our objective for the women to have complete ownership within five years.

Being self-sufficient and debt free allows our Costa Rica Women’s Charitable Association to accomplish incredible opportunities!

We live up to our slogan.