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Costa Rica Women’s Charitable Association (CRWCA)

Our Mission
We are a legal Costa Rican Non-Profit Organization that helps the women of Jaco and the Garabito area of Costa Rica become self-sufficient to improve their lives and the lives of their children. We provide women the necessary tools for economic advancement towards a better life, by putting them in their Own Business.

The purpose of our organization is to give women who passionately want to learn business concepts A Hand UP, Not a Hand Out and provide a better life for their families.

CRWCA evaluate candidates for skills they already have, that can be used successfully to turn into profitable businesses. We will help the women of Garabito learn up to date job skills, computer usage and English communication skills. By learning new business skills, we assist in getting the women started to run a lucrative business.

Local businesses and mentors provide necessary training, skills and job placement. Together we create a long term business plan for independent ownership. Our goal is to encourage and make a positive impact so the families and community benefit as a whole from our program.

Initially CRWCA women are paid a basic wage and receive incentives. The third year of being in business, candidates receive 5% of the profits, the fourth year is increased to 10% and at that point they must be capable of doing the business on their own.

Our aim is to have the businesses be totally self-sufficient. The foundation owns the property, enabling the businesses to be rent free. CRWCA is committed to the environment in all of its ventures. Our mission leads us to Farming, Hydroponic Growing Opportunities, Solar Energy, and Biomass Conversion, making us 100% ECO Friendly.

Power of Purpose
Being self-sufficient and debt free allows our Costa Rica Women’s Charitable Association to accomplish incredible opportunities!

We live up to our slogan.

A Hand Up, Not a Handout